Alyse Mueller

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Personal Trainer

Alyse is a Personal Trainer and LMT. She has grown up in the health and wellness industry with chiropractic parents. She has always been active and loves the outdoors.

Graduating massage school in 2006, she specializes in trigger point therapy, fascia release techniques, rehab work and cupping. Alyse enjoys the therapeutic aspect of body work and particularly enjoys working with anyone from athletes to the average person to improve performance, reduce pain or aid in recovery from an injury or trauma.

At 19 Alyse started getting active in the gym and at 21 wondered why she wasn’t getting results. To solve this problem, she hired a trainer and trained for a figure competition. Realizing that bodybuilding wasn’t what she was looking for but understanding how the body worked and how to think about fitness, she went on to pursue fitness through experience and research. Longing to get her personal training cert for years, it never seemed like the “right time”, meanwhile she programmed and aided in friends and family’s nutrition as an amateur.


Finally at 30 she bit the bullet and did her personal training cert and has been working as a successful personal trainer at Xcel Fitness in Holladay, UT ever since. After being in this growing industry for over a decade, she has decided that she “hates fitness” which is why she remains.


She loves to help her clients understand HOW the body works and WHAT to focus on to get the results. “Since i tried out all the myths, fads and shenanigans, realizing that it’s not as hard as people make it- its just sticking to the facts and working hard and consistently to get there.  Sometimes not overtraining is harder, because we are made to work- rest is under rated. Naturally, you can’t have it all, the body doesn’t work that way, so lets work with how it works to get you where you want to go.

Today she works with average people who want to move well, get stronger, condition, bulk up or lose weight. She also works with athletes coming back from injury to get them ready for their sport. Mostly, she loves her job and wants to share it with others.

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