Lies You May be Buying from the Food Industry

We live in a society now in the US that is about 67% obese or overweight, that's 1 in every 1.5 people. That is alarming and a reason for concern, we need to be better at food choices, exercising and lifestyle. We need to teach people what is right and beneficial and what is disadvantageous. With the rates so high we are seeing people develop disease at a high rate, creating metabolic dysfunction in the body, leading to weakened immune health, heart disease, and a plethora of other issues.

Do you think the government really cares about the health and wellness of the people?

Now what is to blame for this?

In the United States half the diet of people, 57% is ultra processed foods, this is the cause of our growing obesity epidemic.

For years now the food industry has been leading us on a rollercoaster of misleading information, and guess what they will keep doing it because it fits their business model. You buy more of their food and they make more money. The incentive is profit, not health.

That's right, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Frito Lay they don’t give a damn that people are getting fat and are dying from it, all they want you to do is see a commercial on TV, buy the product and get hooked on it. Money in their pockets. There are “bliss point” studies where they add sugar or saltiness to a product until its “bliss point” in which you’ll keep consuming and not want to stop.

But what’s the cost?.... Right now in 2021 with COVID 19 the cost is hundreds of thousands

These companies know it and they are hard at work to make foods tastier, more addicting and more processed so you crave it.

One way that they can achieve this is by lowering the quantity of protein and fiber in foods, this allows the body to eat more of the food and increases sales. They are taking out nutrients that the body needs to earn a dollar. The ability to mechanically modify food in a laboratory to make it more palatable, more desirable is what's wrong with the food industry.

But guess what they have been doing this for years and shoving their so called “recommendations” about for a long time now. The individual industries with the big food industry pay for, and lobby to have the recommendations changed and adjusted so they can make money. See the government doesn’t care if the congressmen and women just take the money from the lobbyists and change recommendations.

Every year scientific articles are released that have to deal with food, and they are plastered all over the news to inform people, well more to scare people and influence their dietary choices. Studies on eggs, meat, protein, apples, fruits, whatever it might be these things get attacked and usually it falls along the lines of these food items are not healthy. Some foods and scientific articles are legit and accurate but, most of them are funded by the food and beverage companies.

When the research is funded by the food and beverage companies they are 4-8 times more likely to produce conclusions that support the financial interests of the company.

One of the biggest ones was years ago the Sugar Industry paid off researchers at Harvard to skew the information and spin it so it supported that sugar was not the cause of poor health and blamed it on fat. So what happened people stopped eating fat and at more ultra processed sugar and the rates of diseases increased.

Now that you know that you are being lied to each and every day about what is healthy to eat and what is not, it's time to take back control of our health.

Especially in the times we are living in now, these COVID 19 times it is crucial that we take care of our health, it is the best shot we have to beat this virus. So the choices of food that you make need to align with that goal. The ultra processed foods all around us need to go, STOP consuming this poison and start treating your body right. Make sure that all the food you consume is naturally grown or comes from the earth, that means no crap in a package with 35 different ingredients.

It is up to the user to make the decisions on the food we consume, the food our kids consume and we need to put ourselves in a position to win. Every good coach or leader puts their team in a position where they can succeed.

So why when it comes to nutrition do we keep putting people in positions of failure and poor health?

Pick Foods that

-Increase your immune health

-increase your metabolism

-highly nutrient dense

-Come from the Earth

-Actually satiate appetite

Checkout our Podcast Episode on "Why & How Nutrition is holding you back" for more information


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