Importance of Moderate to High Intensity Cardio

Importance of Moderate to High Intensity Cardio

The cardio doctrine has been instilled in exercise routines a long time ago, but at times it has seemed that cardio is the only method, (which we know is not). Along with this idea and thoughts comes long slow cardio, running long miles, biking and long endurance. And let me tell you this concept has stuck around and by that I mean it is the go to for many individuals as the main form of physical activity, for those looking to lose weight, or “tone up”. 

With this being the go to method of physical activity for most it leaves a lot of people stuck with one modality and not able to keep progress in their training program. Now if you are training for a marathon, road race, triathlon or some endurance event then you need not read further, you have already a periodized program or approach. If you are not one of those people and your regular exerciser you need to keep reading.

Long slow cardio is not bad for us, it’s actually very beneficial, it helps increase the heart's ability to pump more volume of blood out, lowers resting heart rate, and greater efficiency of oxygen to get to the body.  All good things and we need to train the heart to be efficient. There are periods of the training year where this type of training should be utilized.


If you live in this training realm too long the benefits diminish as time goes and you do not get the most out of the training. The body requires stimulus for adaptations and if the stimulus does not change, adaptations will not occur. We exercise for one reason to create beneficial adaptations to enhance the efficiency of the machine (human body).  If you are just running  2 miles each time you go to the gym or workout after a while you are wasting your time. There are two options you have from here, you increase the mileage or increase the speed of the 2 miles. Same as you start pressing 30lb dumbbells after 2 weeks you need to increase the weight to get an effect out of it. Cardio is no different.

Now before you exit out of this article or go back to your high intensity intervals, pump the brakes. We still want to train the aerobic energy system, we want to be well rounded in our energy systems development. You can use different methods to increase your aerobic capacity and still burn body fat and lose weight. A go to method is the continuous threshold training method, it increases the intensity of the long slow cardio but is not a burnout finisher. 

This can be done in many ways, it is very much circuit like training but there is no break/ rest period. What this is not is an all out effort (remember we still want an aerobic energy system), you will feel the heart rate elevated but it won't be crazy.

Pick 4-5 exercises, explosive exercise are great, and repeat them back to back for 10-15 minutes straight

Sample Workout

MB Slam- 10 Reps

Walking Lunges- 16 reps total

KB Swings - 10 Reps

Walking Lunges Back 16 reps



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