Starting A New Exercise Program (Training Program at the bottom)

Starting A New Exercise Program (Training Program at the bottom)


At the end of the year we know that most people gain the most amount of weight due to the parties and overeating, and most people start the new year with resolutions. With this many start new workout programs and get back on the path to where they need to be. This comes with an increased time spent in the gym, an increase of workouts during the week. We love to see the effort that is put towards the goals, and want to see people achieve their goals and continue to enhance their overall fitness.


There are things to know as we go into this part of the year and starting a new exercise program.




Number one thing is understanding what the exercise program is and the expectations of the program. Many times people hit week one hard, and I mean all out hard. Now don’t get me wrong I am all about the all out effort and pushing it hard in the gym, but for those who are just getting back into the training groove this can be a steep slope to climb. Many people will start too hard, the body is not ready for the intensity. The acidity in the blood goes up and the heart rate and we get that nauseous feeling and lightheadedness. And sometimes people even will get to the throwing up part, this often deters people from coming back to the gym or workouts because they think it will happen each time. 


So as you get back into the first two weeks of a workout program, slowlying building up the intensity is key. Many need to build a conditioning base to be able to handle the intensities of the workout.



Another thing people will run into when they go too hard is the post exercise soreness that comes the next two days, if day one and two they go hard, then day three, four and five are miserable for them and again it deters them from going to the gym or continuing workouts.



Going into the new workout phase you have to have things planned out, workouts for certain days, a routine that keeps building. To me this is the biggest mistake people make. You always need a plan, you need to know what you are going to do. If not many will step into the gym and do random things and after a while those random things will not amount to them reaching their goals or accomplishing anything. 


  • Do not go into the new program without a plan, no Randomness
  • Build Up the Intensities- DON'T go Balls to the Wall
  • Manage the Soreness- Work through it 



5 Day a Week "Take Anywhere" Plan

Day 1: 20-1 

The round number is the number of reps you do for each exercise. Start at 20 then go 19,18,17 until you work down to 1 rep of everything. Full range of motion is the most important thing. Breath, take your time but hurry up

(Pick 3-5 exercises from the list)


Day 2: Tempo

Run/Jog/Row/Bike/Jumping Jacks

2 minutes of work

30 seconds of rest

(Repeat for 12-15 rounds)

Day 3: Power


Split Squats x 12/leg

Ice skaters x5/side

Plank x 60 seconds



Lateral lunges x12/leg

Split Squat jumps x5/side

Flutter Kicks x 30 seconds



Incline pushup x10

Plyo pushup x5

Tuck Jumps x10

Day 4: Steady State

30-45 minutes with Heart Rate between 120 and 150

Day 5: 550 Reps

100 - Jumping Jacks

90 - High Knees

80 - Mountain Climbers

70 - Bicycle Crunches

60 - Squats

50 - Pushups

40 - Butterfly Situps

30 - Ice Skaters

20 - Burpees

10 - 90/90 Breath holds 5s each

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