Step Up your Conditioning

Step Up your Conditioning


Conditioning is the learning process of information from a stimulus and a response. Each day we condition our minds either for the better or for the worse. The same goes for our body, we need to condition our bodies to be in the best health possible, we need our metabolisms to function efficiently, we need to keep our systems in tip-top shape. 


Many people go to the gym and they do long-duration cardio. Now I am not knocking it as a bad thing, it is beneficial to the body and health system but if that becomes the only method of training then it can be disadvantageous. Yes, chronic cardio can work against you. Enjoy jacking up the cortisol bath of stress hormones and staying there, yeah not good in the long term.


Think again about your choices of cardiovascular work


Let’s put the treadmill, or long bike ride aside and let’s get SPRINTING 


How does increase brain cognition sound?


How does increased growth hormone sound?


How about increased telomere length aka more longevity better and stronger genes


How about Increased Muscle Fiber strength?


How about increased muscle mitochondria?

The list can go on and on but you get the idea. Yes, sprinting enhances all of those and most people are not doing it on a weekly basis. The ability to produce high amounts of force and energy tells the body it is time to adapt and change. It makes the body more efficient at utilizing energy substrates (glucose and fats), it demands more growth of type II muscle fibers which great a rock-solid metabolism.


Sprint days are going to suck but for all the good reasons. It’s going to leave you physically and mentally drained but the perks of it are going to be a short workout, 15 minutes maybe 20 minutes top, and you are done. Sprints are going to be no longer than 20 seconds and then a rest period.


Here’s how to step up your conditioning 

Sprint Workout Day 1

Fan Bike- 10 seconds sprint


Rest 50 seconds


Rower- 10 Second Sprint


Rest 50s


Ski Erg- 10 Second Sprint 


Rest 50s

5 Rounds 

Sprint Workout Day 2


10 yards sprint- walk back to the start line slowly- 4 reps


Rest 2 min


20-yard sprint- walk back slowly- 4 Reps


Rest 2 min


30-yard sprint- walk back slowly- 3 Reps


40-yard Sprint- walk back slowly- 3 Reps



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