14 Day Trial

Sounak & Moumita, 42, 40

Matt is a complete fitness coach. He approaches fitness from both physical training and nutrition angles. He spends time upfront understanding the person’s goals and constraints. He prepares an unique plan and ensures accountability to that plan. He pushes hard to get the best out of the person, with full attention to safety.

I trained with Matt over 2 years at Equinox in Boston. He designed a program for me, kept me accountable and went the extra mile of reviewing my dietary habits for a month. I was happy with the results I saw and couldn’t have done it without Matt.

Matt is warm, kind, super committed to his craft and always goes the extra mile to get results. He doesn’t believe in shortcuts and is patient through the transformation process. He is one of the best physical trainers out there.

Mike, 26

I started training and working out consistently the summer before I started fighting forest fires. Not only did I gain size and strength but it's given me confidence and mental toughness to help me with any challenges I face.

Jeremy, 38

My life is definitely different. My mobility has improved and I’ve realized that I don’t have to kill myself just to challenge myself, in or out of the gym, sometimes its as simple as doing something I’ve been thinking about but nervous about committing too, like trying a new squat variation or striking up a conversation with someone I’ve seen at the gym and moving from casual acquaintance to more of a friend.

What I’ve learned is the limiting factor is usually my own mind, to elaborate if I don’t think about the weight or exercise I’ll perform far better than if I overthink it.

I’ve loved it and couldn’t imagine working with someone else. Matt encourages but
doesn’t push, you won’t get tough love just love and positivity.

Christie, 28

When I first started working with Matt, I was four months into hamstring tendinitis. My background in fitness consisted of 7 years of CrossFit. I didn’t know how to come up with a routine programming that was going to complement my strengths or my current injuries. I was so worried that any movement would flare up my injury and would only increase the time it would take to heal.

After an evaluation session with Matt, I felt that he truly understood my injury, my concerns, and my goals! He wrote me a program that felt both individualized and flexible. I reported back to him with feedback on what felt good and what we needed to tweak. Communication with Matt was super easy with weekly check-ins and always being accessible at the gym!

4 weeks in to the program I started feeling significantly stronger and 6 weeks in I was back to doing all the movements that once caused me to experience pain. I think my my progress came as a result of Matt’s deep understanding of the body and his intelligent programming. I continue to use his methods and would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a trainer!

Rita, 55

August I started an exercise program created for me by Matt Gluckman. The problem I wanted to solve was toning legs, butt, abs and improve my upper body strength, flexibility and balance. I am very happy with my new found strength and definition! He has motivated me to continue with a weight lifting program that I know will benefit me for years to come! Thanks Matt!

Thomas, 44

Matt came into my life when I was going through the hardest time of my life!
I was in the middle of a divorce and fighting for custody of my son!
Going through this difficult period Matt helped me way more than just breaking a sweat!
He showed me there are still people in the world that not only want to see people
succeed but he worked hard to see me succeed and was truly happy for my success in
and out of the gym!
Matt helped me gain the strength to push through any battle!

Matt is very attentive to what your goals are. He helped build my core body strength to
help support all other aspects of my workouts and reduce the chance of injury. His
approach is kind but intense.

Matt’s approach works to support your goals but is also focused on reducing the chance
of injury. He also works on your inner strength to prove to you that you can meet your
goals and succeed!
I would recommend Matt to everyone!

Jake, 41

Not only did I make the most noticeable gains while working with Matt, I was also able to lose weight and gain muscle in a healthy manner which was sustainable even after our training sessions ended. Matt’s focus on long term growth as opposed to any short term fix is what separates him from the rest of trainers I have encountered.